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Term Life Insurance

Term Life offers a basic insurance coverage for a specific period of time. Term Life insurance can provide a cost effective and simple solution with some flexibility for a specified time period. Such temporary needs might include: mortgages, or short term financial debts.


What are the benefits of Term Insurance to you?

Cost Effective: Since you are only paying for the basic benefit (death benefit) your insurance costs are minimized for the term.

Your choice of Terms: Basic coverage is available for 1year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years or to age 100

Term Life Additional Benefits: Depending on your plan, additional lives such as your spouse, children, or business partner can be added. Waiver or premiums upon disability or even a Critical Illness benefit may be available.

Extending your Coverage: Depending on your age and particular policy type chosen you may at the end of your term renew your policy for another term or convert it to a permanent insurance plan (Whole Life, Term to 100, or Universal Life) without having to prove your health. This can be extremely advantageous in the event you develop an illness or disability that would otherwise normally disqualify you for insurance coverage in the future.

How can these benefits best suit your needs?

Term Life insurance can:

  • Provide income for your loved ones and beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that your mortgage or other financial debts are paid.
  • Pay your final expenses.
  • Cover capital gains taxes payable at your death.
  • Fund a business transfer as a funding vehicle for Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Create a legacy for any or your chosen charities.
  • Relieve any financial burdens owing by your surviving family members.
  • For young families, provide a large amount of insurance protection for a very low cost

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