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Whole Life Insurance

Your plans for life
We offer a variety of permanent insurance solutions that allow you to insure against the unexpected while increasing the value of your investment over time.
Our plans are flexible, allowing you to choose the level of investment potential and insurance coverage required to meet your personal financial and retirement goals. You can also select a plan that minimizes insurance coverage over time so that you can maximize your policy's investment potential.

How can you benefit from our permanent insurance options?

Tax-Advantaged Investment Growth: Investments held within a suitably funded life insurance policy (exempt contract) are tax sheltered, providing you with one of the few opportunities to increase your investment portfolio without increasing your income tax payment.

Tax-Free Insurance Benefits: The insurance proceeds of an exempt life insurance policy are paid tax-free to your chosen beneficiaries.

Diverse Investment Options: You can choose from plans that offer a wide range of investment choices, from options with returns linked to stock market indexes to guaranteed interest accounts (GICs)

Flexible Coverage Options: Some plans provide coverage that remains constant over the life of the policy. Others allow you to choose from a variety of coverage patterns including protection that grows with your policy over time.

Additional Insurance Benefits: You can add benefits to your policy including protection for additional lives, such as your children, and coverage to secure you in the event of a disability or critical illness.

Estate Planning and Creditor Protection: Your life insurance policy may be protected from the claims of creditors by naming a family member such as a spouse, child or parent as your beneficiary - you can learn more about this from your legal advisor. And with any named beneficiary, the proceeds of your policy are paid directly to that person bypassing the costs and delays of wrapping up your estate.

How can these benefits be applied to your life?
During your lifetime, permanent insurance can:

  • Fund your children's post-secondary education
  • Accumulate additional retirement assets and provide retirement income options
  • Maximize your estate with tax-sheltered growth and tax-free death benefits
  • Assist funding of a Partner/Business buy-out

The death benefit of your permanent life insurance solution can:

  • Provide income to your loved ones and beneficiaries
  • Ensure your mortgage will be paid
  • Pay your final expenses
  • Cover capital-gains taxes payable at death
  • Fund a business transfer
  • Create a legacy for your chosen charity

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